INDIGENOUS - Connecting to the Land: Classroom Outdoor Learning at Camp Bernard

Please join us for a morning of place-based, experiential learning activities on the grounds of beautiful Camp Barnard in the traditional territory of the T’Sou-ke Nation.  Our activities are planned with a First Peoples Principles of Learning focus and are suitable for elementary and middle school students. Some adapting may be required for the early primary grades. We will begin our day with a greeting circle and a territory acknowledgment. Following our circle, participants will take part in a plant and tree identification activity, a nature-based math activity, and an upper elementary science activity.  If time permits, we will teach participants an outdoor learning game before our closing circle.  The First Peoples Principles of Learning will be woven throughout our place-based activities in ways that students can identify with. Participants will be provided with resource materials and access to the First Peoples Principles of Learning Google Drive.


8:45 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Sooke Elementary
    Lisa Stuart

    Lisa and Marion are both intermediate classroom teachers at Sooke Elementary and have used the FPPOLs as a philosophy and guide to inform our teaching and planning for several years.  We incorporate experiential, place-based learning into our yearly planning and recognise the importance of connecting our students with place.

  • Marion Stupich