LITERACY - Wonderfully Wordless

Wordless books?  What is the purpose of these books?  Do they have a place in my classroom?  How do I use them with my students and how can they be a part of my curriculum?

Wordless books are a gem in the literary world.  Despite not having any words, they tell a story and allow students to use their creative and critical thinking skills.  

Come and join us as we explore integrating Wordless books into our teaching.  This workshop is suitable for all teachers K-12 and is not language program specific.  Participants will leave with a list of wordless books with connections to the curriculum.

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1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Room Library

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  • Stephanie Cave

    Stéphanie is a Curriculum Coordinator with the Sooke School District who supports French Immersion and Library Learning Commons programs. She is passionate about cultivating safe, inclusive, diverse and equitable Library Learning Commons spaces at all levels. Stephanie is also an advocate for French language and culture in schools. She believes that using picture books has its place at all levels of education; however, the focus on using wordless picture books provides endless opportunities to strengthen and develop critical and creative thinking skills. 


  • Kirsten Larmon

    Kirsten Larmon is the Children’s Book Buyer at Munro’s Books. She has worked as a teacher and a bookseller for close to twenty years. She reads hundreds of children’s books every year with an eye for entertaining books that can support classroom learning, particularly for critical thinking, social-emotional learning, and books that reflect a diverse range of experience and backgrounds. A firm proponent of the power of story, Kirsten believes that picture books - and wordless books at all levels - can be used in grade K-12 classrooms as a valuable tool to explore complex topics.