SCIENCE - Inspiring Youth in Nature

The purpose of this workshop is to share information about local wildlife and provide tips for including wildlife education in the classroom. Instructor, Sam Webb will share information based on her experiences working with and studying wildlife. 

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8:45 AM - 10:14 AM ONLINE

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  • Wild Wise Society
    Sam Webb

    Sam is the President of the Wild Wise Society, a volunteer-run wildlife education program designed to reduce human-wildlife conflicts. She leads this team with over a decade of wildlife related experience throughout Canada, USA and South Africa. She is a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, Veterinary Technician and has a Bachelor's degree in in Animal Behaviour. Sam wishes to share the knowledge she's gained with the general public in hopes of passing on a deeper understanding of and respect for the natural world. Bringing this information into the classroom helps inspire young minds to think about their relationship with wildlife and learn how we can coexist.

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