SEL - How to Be Their Calm In Stormy Seas: Developing Strategies to Deal with Challenging Situations

Even caring classroom communities can experience challenging situations. This workshop presents an evidence-based approach that will help you understand how to “keep your cool” by creating a “power down” routine to:

  • delay your initial reaction & reflect on how you are feeling,

  • validate students’ feelings,

  • reframe the situation, and

  • help you take care of yourself.

You will be better able to focus on your students and hold a safe space for them. 

Julie and Jan provide a basic explanation of the science and importance of felt safety, regulation, and connection. They also share their best practices for an inclusive classroom. 

You will be able to plan for overload (theirs and yours) and determine how to deal with the issue when everyone is calm by:

  • understanding the physiology of strong emotions,

  • thinking about your own triggers and stress reactions, and

  •  increasing your toolbox of proactive strategies.

Knowledge and practice combined with a caring community increases resilience for everyone.

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8:45 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Practical Possibilities Educational Consulting
    Julie Principe

    Julie Principe has 36 years’ experience in 4 British Columbia school districts as a Classroom Teacher, ELL Teacher, and Learning Support Teacher. Her last position in the public system was as a District Inclusion Teacher in Richmond, providing mentorship, behaviour support, and in-service. Currently she is a co-founder of Practical Possibilities Educational Consulting ( where she works toward developing social-emotional skills to support inclusion and equitable communities. She shares her expertise, including practical strategies to increase student learning by teaching regulation, setting up inclusive school environments, nurturing student choice, and participation. She is also the founder of ADHD Roadmap Coaching ( where she supports children, youth and families as an ADHD Coach and has recently presented on CHADD's "Ask the Experts" webinar series. 

  • Jan Palmer

    Jan spent twenty years excitedly learning and working  in the Special Education field as a Classroom Teacher, Resource Teacher, Consultant and Behaviour Analyst throughout British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta, retiring from the BC Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD) in 2020.  Using the principles of Universal Design and Applied Behaviour Analysis combined with trauma-informed practices and compassion, she has helped to create positive, supportive classroom environments for students with learning challenges including ASD, ADHD, mental health issues and trauma .  Jan has been speaking at conferences and workshops for more than a decade, sharing strategies on self-regulation and positive behaviour support.  Jan passionately believes that all students deserve a good education.  Practical Possibilities Educational Consulting ( was created by Jan and co-founder Julie Principe to provide workshops and in-service to Districts, schools and educators committed to supporting all students.