LITERACY - Early Literacy: Top-Down and Bottom-Up

The focus of this workshop is a continuum of pedagogical strategies from child-directed, to teacher-guided and to teacher directed. Learning pathways from K to Grade 3 for top-down skills (comprehensive, sense of narrative & vocabulary) and bottom-up skills (decoding, including alphabetic principle & phonics) will be emphasized.

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8:45 AM - 10:14 AM

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  • Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc
    Jane Bertrand

    Jane Bertrand is the Program Director at Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc which focuses on early childhood education practices, policies and research across Canada. Jane is also an Adjunct Professor at the Atkinson Centre, OISE, University of Toronto and participates in OISE's Early Learning PhD program. She is a contributing author of the Science of Early Child Development ( and has authored a textbook, Becoming and Being An Early Childhood Professional (2022).